Build Your Own Chalet and Have a New Home or Business

Have you ever woken up late in the middle of the night and screamed in your partners face that you must build yourself a chalet immediately? No, and not many people would have. But it may happen, one day and when it does, you are as sure as buttered toast, that you will want to be ready for it.

Thankfully, in the next 442 words, we are going to be discussing the self-build chalets that are found here in New Zealand.

Now because of the beauty of the New Zealand countryside there are more chalets dotted around the hills than there are sheep. Why, because there is bugger all to do in New Zealand, that you may as well either build a chalet or more to Australia and we already know what your choice would be.

Anyways, chalets are not too hard to build, one example comes out of the Tibetan region where an Air B ’n’ B was built in 2015 by a regional farmer and 3 monkeys. This is not a think of myth but fact and currently ranks with favourable reviews, with the wooden chalet providing a 5-double bedroom, 3 bathroom and 2 kitchen area living space. The chalet also included a casino room and if required, guest could book a croupier to come deal and control the games for any parties of 10+ guests. Those staying could enjoy the casino games of roulette and poker followed by a relaxing time in the hot tub and ending the night with a walk around mountainous tranquillity.

Now, you don’t need monkeys to help build your chalet, though possible, getting started is very simple and the first task is to acquire the land, when you know what space you’re having to deal with, then you can begin looking at design and development.

If design and development aren’t your forte, then you can contact several builders in New Zealand, for example, Nautilus Modular who are able to offer a range of services when it comes to housing construction.

There is a lot to consider, if this is going to be a new home from home then look at your family habits and build to empower those facets. If this chalet is to be a business, then you have to think about how a place can cater and provide for the general public that will look to rent out the property for x-amount of time whilst they holiday.

Research is vital in coming up with the best ideas. Those new to design may wish to look are different types of architecture that is out there from around the world, both modern and old age. There are no rules to design, you can be as bold and daring as you wish, you can be minimalistic and suggestive also.

When it comes to cost, you will most definitely need a bank loan, unless you have a spare $200,000 sitting around not being used. This cost covers building, planning and a good supply of bananas in case you hire monkeys to do the job for you.